Attendance Improvement Plan

Attendance Improvement Plan
Posted on 08/12/2023


Send all Parent Excuse Notes to attendance via email or hard copy

EMAIL CONTACT: [email protected]

  • RATIONALE - Percent of students at WSHS with 10 or more unexcused absent days during the 2022-2023 school year = 48.6%. 
  • Almost half of our students (around 1,000 students) had 10+ UNEXCUSED absences duirng the 2022-2023 school year! 
  • This number was the highest in SCPS!
  • Students are expected to be present unless sick. Please if they are sick, keep them home to get healthy!
  • Parents cannot phone call students out in the middle of the school day. Parents MUST come in and do it for appointments, etc. This policy reflects what elementary and middle schools do already.
  • If a parent has an emergency and a student needs to be permitted to leave campus on their own, please contact Mr. Gaffney via email [email protected] or by phone 407-320-8702. This MUST be an emergency!
  • If a student is 18 years old, they will not be permitted to leave campus on their own without approval/consent from administration.
  • Parent/guardian notes will be accepted for first 5 absences; following that a doctor’s note needs to be submitted for us to excuse the absence.
  • Send notes to attendance at this email address: [email protected]
  • IMPORTANT: Parent notes need to be written and received within 48 hours of day of absence for us to excuse the absence via email or written note. 
  • Students will have the following day of the absence plus one more day to complete make-up work that was assigned during the absence. After that, teachers have the right to deduct points
  • NOTE: This does not include long term assignments or projects.

NEW FOR 2023-2024:  Students with excessive unexcused absences may not be able to attend certain after-hours events on campus!  More info to come. 

Bottom Line;  Attendance is so important!  Students cannot learn if the are not here and if a student has to be out, please make sure you send in a note to excuse the absence!

Thank you so much for joining us in improving our attendance at WSHS!

Mr. Pete Gaffney


Winter Springs High School

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