Prom Information & Ticket Sales 2024

Prom Information & Ticket Sales 2024
Posted on 03/04/2024
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Winter Springs High School – Prom 2024 – FAQs

Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando, April 20, 2024 – 7pm – 11pm


  • What should I wear?
    • A dress, suit, or tuxedo. It doesn’t matter which you choose, as long as you’re comfortable and feel confident in your choice. Styles are personal, however think formal with your personal choices. Also, if you are coming with a date, consider matching elements.


  • Where should we park upon arrival?
    • Upon arrival, students will have the option to park in the parking lot at no charge (follow the signs), or valet park for a fee.


  • What does the theme “Arabian Nights” mean or look like?
    • Known also as The Thousand and One Nights, the Arabian Nights is a collection of stories featuring such well-known characters as Sinbad the Sailor, Ali Baba and the 40 thieves, and Aladdin. The stories are believed to have existed since at least the 9th century AD. For hundreds of years, they were kept alive only by word of mouth.


  • Will I get searched when I arrive?
    • Yes - attendees will be screened by a metal detection device and pockets will be emptied prior to entering the Prom. Any unauthorized items, including a vape, will be confiscated. Individuals found with an unauthorized item will immediately be escorted from the Prom, and their parents will be contacted. Students found with unauthorized items will receive disciplinary consequences on Monday upon their return to school based on the SCPS Student Code of Conduct. This is a school event, plan for respect!


  • What do I need to bring?
    • Please be sure to bring a photo ID along with your physical ticket. A photo ID can be your school ID, driver license, or state ID. We will be checking each person’s identity and ticket purchase status before admittance.
    • PTSA will work a shoe check area. The cost is $5 to hold your shoes and $10 if you exchange your shoes for flip-flops. Bring cash if you plan to utilize this service.


  • Can I bring a purse or bag?
    • Only a 6-inch or less sized clutch is allowed.
    • Any clutch brought to the Prom will be searched prior to entry


  • Can I bring a guest who doesn’t attend WSHS?
    • Yes, with approval. Please be sure fill out a guest form. The approved guest list is updated twice a week and can be found at 5-213 or on the Junior and Senior Class eCampus pages.
    • Underclassmen who attend WSHS do not need a guest form.



  • When is the latest time I can arrive and am I allowed to leave then come back?
    • Prom starts at 7:00pm and ends at 11:00pm. No one will be allowed in after 8:30pm. Once you leave, please do not plan on coming back in.


  • Are rooms available to stay at the hotel?
    • The best option for rooms will be to go online as the Florida Resident rate is the best rate available right now.  The rates at Royal Pacific Resort are going to be higher as their room rates include the express pass.  Most proms being held at Royal Pacific are securing their guest rooms at Sapphire Falls Resort which is right across the street and can be accessed by a sky bridge.  The Sapphire Falls Resort room rates do not include the express pass.


  • What food will be available?
    • Food will be served buffet-style. Below, the options:

      ·         Cheese & Charcuterie Display 

      ·         Buffalo Chicken Sliders

      ·         Veggie Quesadillas

      ·         Tomato and Mozzarella Flatbread 

      ·         Italian Sausage Flatbread 

      ·         Assorted Cookies, Blondes, and Brownies

      ·         Water, Lemonade, Fruit Punch, and Iced Tea


  • What should I expect to see when I walk in? Do I have to dance?
    • Expect to see and feel the “Arabian Nights” theme (think Aladdin). Upon arrival, you’ll see the ballroom is huge! You’ll see and hear the DJ playing music with fun lights and a dance floor. There are places to sit and relax also.


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