Buy a Yearbook or Ad

Online yearbook sales have closed. Yearbooks can be purchased in Ms. Oberle's room via cash or check for 80.00 starting the week of April 18th. Purchases can be made in the morning or during lunch in room 7-210.  Prices go up to 85.00 in May. Supplies are limited. 

Yearbook is the generic name given to the four Journalism classes which meet during 5th and 6th periods in the Publications Lab (room 7-210). Yearbook is open to freshmen with previous journalism/photography experience, sophomores, juniors and seniors. An application process with teacher recommendations is required to be selected for yearbook staff. Applications are distributed in February every year.

Students applying for yearbook staff need to be aware that after school time and weekend work will be required to meet publishing deadlines. The staff takes pictures, conducts surveys and interviews to gather information, writes stories, creates headlines and captions, designs page layouts, establishes themes, produces cover and end-sheet art, supervises underclass and club pictures and sponsors the final blood drive each year. Also, students are required to sell commercial ad’s as part of the course requirements.

All work is done in digital format in Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.

The yearbook has won national, regional and state awards over the years and is gaining recognition as one of the top books in the country.